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Intelligent SPD Control Apparatus with Scalable Networking Capabilities for Window and Multimedia Applications
Patent -
US 7,800,812 B2 >> View >> Newsletter
Granted Date - Sept. 21, 2010
Expiration Date - September 23, 2027

Patent - Japan Patent Office (JPO) >> View
Japanese Patent No.: 5127713
Granted Date - November 9, 2012
Filing Date - September 8, 2006
Expiration Date - November 8, 2026

Patents - European Patent Office (EPO) - 06809272.5   PCT/IB2006053192
EPO Granted Date - February 18, 2018
Issued in the following countries
Italy - 12/20/18 - 50 2018 0000 41944
Spain - 01/24/19 - E06809272(5) >> View
UK - 04/19 under EPO reference number
France - 04/19 under EPO reference number
Germany - 04/19 - DE 60 2006 055 982.8
European Patent Office (EPO) Publication >> View


Application Independent Operational Controls of a Suspended Particle Device
US 8,098,421 >> View
Granted Date - January 17, 2012
Expiration Date - October 7, 2026


Suspended Particle Device Electronic Control Processes
- US 8,120,839 >> View
Granted Date - February 20, 2012
Expiration Date - September 8, 2026


Electronic Operations of a Suspended Particle Device
- US 8,792,154  >> View
Granted Date - July 29, 2014
Expiration Date - October 7, 2026


Enhanced Functionality of SPD Electronic Controllers
- US 9,261,752  >> View
Granted Date January 27, 2016
Expiration Date September 8, 2026


Multi-Nodal SPD Controller Networking
- US 9,658,509  >> View
Granted Date May 23, 2017
Expiration Date September 8, 2026



Daimler AG

December 2010 - SCSC signed Daimler AG to a non-exclusive worldwide license on its patent portfolio for use in all Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The first model released was the 2012 SLK.  The second model is the 2013 SL.  The third model is the 2014 S-Class. Car and Driver indicates that the E-Class is to be next.



The systems behind the glass
Reg. #3,277,499

Changing the way you view windows

   Reg. #3,218,298


Reg. #3,815,650

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SPD Control Systems Corporation'sn'sss's domestic and international patents encompass multiple aspects of the electronic control of SPD window. 

This work covers the use of such controllers in the operation of SPD windows in cars, airplanes, trains, boats, and residential / commercial properties as well as other environments.  With this patent application, SCSC is further establishing itself as the leader and vendor of choice in the delivery of SPD controllers for every SPD market.

Our patent is very broad in nature directed to everything from the manner of electronically operating SPD Smart Glass in various ways to multi-controller networks and non-traditional applications

SCSC inventor and founder Jay Moskowitz

October 2012 - An additional patent has been granted by the Japan Patent Office (JPO). Our SPD electronics patent portfolio now includes 4 granted and 3 pending patents. The existing patent portfolio is a formidable one which covers nearly all SPD electronic implementations throughout vehicles, buildings and even multi-media displays using SPD. The value of our portfolio is demonstrated by our Daimler AG portfolio license for use in all Mercedes-Benz vehicles incorporating any SPD technology.







2012 Mercedes-Benz  SLK


2013 Mercedes-Benz  SL Roadster


TintMaker Controllerr



 The Systems Behind the Glasss




Changing the way you view windows












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